Friday, September 08, 2006

AC/DC At Donington

Ever See A Big Bell That Says AC/DC Hells Bells On It? Well Look At This!

Preety Cool, Huh? More!:

Sorry For The "Not So Good Qualaty". It Will Get Better.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cause Im T.N.T.! AC/DC Post!

Ok, right now this is not really a AC/DC post, but I will post one SOON! I would put up pictures of concert DVDs and pictures of the Band but for some reason it wont work... I will have to work on that. So I am going to mess with Blogger, so dont worry, I will be posting more its just Im trying to fix things up. So please keep checking back!


I figured out how to upload pictures so I will make a new post probably tommorrow, so stay tuned. I will try to take screen captures of some bands in concert! So dont worry, I know how to upload pictures and take screen captures.

Just to make sure you belive me here is a picture I got off of